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John Mendiola

John Mendiola

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hello! My name is John Mendiola, and I’ve had the privilege of working as a hearing instrument fitter since 2015. Every day, I’m reminded of the profound impact our sense of hearing has on our daily lives. Imagine not being able to hear the laughter of a loved one or the soft whispers of a child. For many, this is a reality. This is the reason why I believe that this profession isn’t just about fitting a hearing device. It’s about restoring connections, memories, and life’s simple joys. Each time I see someone’s eyes light up as they hear clearly again or the grateful smiles of family members who can once more share moments without shouting, I’m reminded of the difference I’m making. Every patient has a story, and becoming a part of their journey towards better hearing and, consequently, a better quality of life, has been nothing short of rewarding.

Outside of my profession, I’m blessed with a loving family. I’m the proud father of three remarkable boys, each unique in his own right, and I’m fortunate to share my life with an incredible wife, my rock and biggest supporter. Our little adventures that we create, especially our beach camping trips in our little travel trailer, are the highlights of our family time. The soothing sounds of the waves, the laughter of my boys, and the shared moments with my wife – these are the very sounds I strive to bring back into the lives of those I help every day.

Pat Contreras

Pat Contreras

Patient Services Coordinator

Hi! My is name is Pat Contreras, and I have lived in San Antonio all my life. I have three children and six grandchildren. I have worked for NewSound for two years, and it has been such a wonderful experience to be helping people. This has been the most rewarding career I have ever had, and I really enjoy it. I enjoy spending time with my family and getting together as much as we can, and especially taking care of my grandchildren.

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Customer Reviews

As an experienced hearing aid user, I appreciate the lengths to which the staff has gone to help me when I had problems. They make it all worthwhile!

Alexis McJilton, on Google

While no audiologist was on site, the remote provider did everything necessary to tune my aids. New Sound on Toepperwein in Live Oak has taken care of me for over 10 years. Tops.

Richard Neville, on Google

Customer service and tech support were awesome! I highly recommend them! Thank you so much!

Joe Lerma Jr, on Google

Mrs Pat is amazing! Best customer service ever! Dealing with people that have hearing difficulties can be hard at times to help, but Pat takes her time and patience for her clients. The Dr's are all very pleasant and take care of every customer as if they were family. Thank...

Megan Rivas, on Google

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