Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Style

Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Solutions for people with hearing loss in mainly one ear.

Single Sided Hearing Loss

Product Features

We typically recommend either a CROS or a BiCROS system. A CROS system consists of a single microphone and single receiver contained in two individual devices (one for each ear). The ear with little-to-no functional hearing is fit with the microphone-equipped device, and the ear with normal hearing is fit with the receiver-equipped device. Sound arriving at the ear with hearing loss will then transmit through a wireless connection to the receiver-equipped device on the normal-hearing ear — to help you hear sounds regardless of which side they’re coming from.

A BiCROS system consists of a microphone-equipped device that is fit to the poorer-hearing ear and a conventional hearing aid fit to the better-hearing ear that has some hearing loss.

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Customer Reviews

Upon arrival staff was welcoming and friendly. Services were quick and thorough. The experience was satisfying and complete. Both pat and John, did a great job. Great experience.

Steven Bazany, on Google

They are very friendly, they explained everything as they were testing my husband and gave us the information we needed about hearing aids.

Tereca Martinez-Brockway, on Google

Very friendly and helpful!

Aden Hickey, on Google

The audiology person John was very professional and kind to us to help us get the hearing aids.

Sharon Schultz, on Google

Pat, the receptionist is just so patient with my Dad. She's wonderful. John Mendiola is also so very nice with him and me.

Lucie Maldonado, on Google

Very helpful. Staff were warm and inviting. Looking forward to going back again.

JAnthony Brown, on Google

The entire staff was absolutely amazing. I was visiting from Georgia and they were kind enough to get me in quickly, and fixed my problem with smiles on their faces. I would highly recommend them.

Judith Smith, on Google

Took my father for an exam and the staff and service was great.

Alwin Johns, on Google

Very nice people. But Beltone Hearing sent me to the wrong place, but the people there were very helpful helping us find the correct place

Lonnie Castleman, on Google

udayan bhatt, on Google

My mother has been with this office and has always been treated well. She really likes Dr. John who listens to her concerns and explains everything thoroughly

Alice Mendoza-Maxwell, on Google

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